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WHO CATCHES?  All pitchers are required to have someone catch for them.  If the catcher is under 18, we require them to wear a face mask

WHAT DO WE BRING? Pitchers are required to bring their glove, ball and a catcher.  Gym shoes are required for indoor lessons and pitchers are responsible to bring their own drinks if needed.

HOW LONG IS THE LESSON? Each lesson is 1 hour long with 2 instructors.  We do NOT do any individual lessons, only small group.  Each pitcher is worked with at their individual level throughout the session. 

HOW MUCH SHOULD WE PITCH? Pitching is a skill that requires LOTS of practice.  We see greater success from pitchers that attend regular pitching lessons and continue to practice outside of lessons. 

HOW DO LESSONS WORK?  Kelly & Kristin circulate throughout the hour session and work with each pitcher at their level. Some lessons we will do circuits to focus on fundamentals.  During the winter session, there is video analysis done with each pitcher.  

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We will be taking the month of

March off!

Good Luck to all our High School Pitchers who worked hard

this off-season to prepare.  

Please check back soon

as we will start to post some

April dates.




Fastpitch Instructors in the Milwaukee Area


We update the website daily for all current openings.  

1. Click the link that has the registration form 

2. Mail your registration and payment to:

KKPitching PO Box 503, Muskego, WI 5315.  You can also bring it to a lesson to hand in. 

3. We do NOT hold any sessions via email.  Sessions are secured based on a first mail in basis.

4. Once you have been registered for your session, there are NO refunds available.  KKPitching will try and sell your session if needed.  Once the session is sold, you will receive a refund.  You are also able to find a replacement to fill your session time if needed.